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A word about after-hours “visitors”:

Sometimes, I see people.  Stupid people.  On security video, inside the gate when the gate’s closed.  Goin through my stuff.  So far, 3 of these people ended up in jail, the latest one was sentenced to one year confinement.  Burglary is a felony in the state of Georgia people, and you don’t have to actually take anything to get convicted.  A message to potential thieves:  Consider the idiocy of your actions.  Is a cordless drill worth a year in jail?  You willing to risk a felony record for an old carburetor?  Not to mention the risk to your life.  When deputies arrive on scene, they have guns, and that kickstart lever you took might appear to be a weapon in your hand.  How’s that obituary gonna read?  Think about it.

And, there are the security cameras.  With passive infrared sensors.  Watching.  Recording.  Night and day.  Some you might see.  Others you won’t.  Video doesn’t lie, and the trial is over before it even starts.  If you’re lucky, and your record’s clean, the judge sentences you under a first offender program, you avoid prison, but you’re out thousands in bail & attorney’s fees.  And the money you used to spend on smokes every month now goes to your probation officer for the next 3-5 years.  Congrats, you got a criminal history.  And if you’ve been in trouble before, penalties can be harsh.

If you enter after hours, do so at your own peril.

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